Carmen Depasquale


A stylist with a passion and love towards
the beauty industry. DePasquale always
strives for more and reminds others that
there are no limits to your dreams.

Carmen Depasquale - Founder & CEO

Carmen DePasquale, born and raised in Paterson, NJ, came back from serving in the US Air Force in the mid 1960’s and began to search for a "career." Unsure of quite what he wanted to do, and influenced by members of his family in the beauty industry, DePasquale became a stylist. It was a time of great transition and new possibilities; the world of beauty was transforming at a fast pace and his entrepreneurial spirit was ignited! Being a stylist gave DePasquale the tools necessary to build his empire, the eponymous DePasquale Companies, whose portfolio includes six vertically integrated subsidiaries, encompassing the spa/salon, cosmetology education, distributorship and manufacturing sides of the business. Referring to them as the "DePasquale Circle of Beauty," they include: DePasquale The Spa, DePasquale Salon Systems, Artistic Academy, ECRU New York, Little Green, and Lakme USA.

DePasquale Companies:
DePasquale The Spa (Morris Plains, NJ) is a revolutionary beauty and wellness destination widely recognized for its design artistry. The spa pioneered a wellness approach that treats conditions while working in harmony with physicians. DePasquale Salon Systems, a professional beauty distributorship, provides professional products, services, and education to salons and spas along the East Coast. Artistic Academy, a progressive cosmetology school that sets students up for success on the technical and interpersonal aspects of the business. The school not only provides best-in-class stylists for its own salon/spa, but also for the thousands of licensed salons within the tri-state area. The manufacturing side of the business features, ECRU New York, a prestige collection of curated hair and beauty products that treat and perform and Little Green, a safe, gentle, and pure children’s collection. DePasquale also manufactures and licenses additional professional brands, Lakme USA a hair color collection with color safe styling products.

Over the years, DePasquale has received remarkable accolades and honors, including the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Crystal Ball Award, the Columbus Foundation’s Man of the Year Award, the Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the Hall of Leaders induction, and the Spirit of Life award from the City of Hope. DePasquale’s collections have also won multiple awards for product innovation and marketing.

Beyond his passion for entrepreneurship, DePasquale is a philanthropist. Giving back has always been important to DePasquale, and, as such, he actively gives to City of Hope, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, The American Heart Association, The American Cancer Society, Look Good Feel Better and Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and St. Claire’s Cancer Research Center.

DePasquale, father of four and a grandfather of twelve, currently resides in New Jersey with his wife, Janice.

Our History

Significant Milestone of our Journey

Logo - DePasquale Companies
1966 - Diploma Certificate

Carmen DePasquale graduated from cosmetology school and began his career shampooing hair in a salon in Lodi, NJ.

1968 - Hair Cut Board

Carmen rented a room in Fort Lee, NJ on a health farm consisting of himself and a manicurist for manicures and pedicures.

1970 - Shop Hoardings

Carmen purchased his first salon, Carmen's Beauty Chateau, in Parsippany, NJ.

1974 - Shop Name Change

A name change to The Hair Center. Includes a renovated basement to cater to men's hair care and grooming services.

1975 - Prfessional teaching to two girls

After several years of platform work for professional companies, Carmen joined an elite group of educators called the Haircraft Company. He also studied trichology (the science of hair, skin and nails) and grew his business specializing in hair analysis.

1978 - Luggage storing in the basement

Carmen met John Sebastian and Geri Cusenza of SEBASTIAN International. He formed SEBASTIAN SALON SERVICES, a distributorship in the basement of his home.

1984 - Artistic Academy Building

Artistic Academy of Hair Design was born, a progressive cosmetology school, educating hundreds of students per year.

1985 - 4,000 Sq. ft hoarding

DePasquale Colour and Design was born. 4,000 sq. ft. of services, specializing in hair color, with 300 sq. ft. allotted to skin and nails.

1994 -  Big shop with Hair Products

DePasquale Salon Systems comes into its own. What began in his basement, becomes over 85,000 sq. ft. servicing NY, NJ, CT and PA.

1997 - Spa with hot water bath thub

DePasquale The Spa is born. Visions taken from Carmen's travel throughout Europe were brought together in a unique setting of beauty, image and wellness. Today, at 26,000 sq.ft., The Spa serves over 2,200 clients per week.

1998 - Avance Products

Avance is acquired, a professional collection of skincare used only by serious-minded aestheticians. This collection will go through many metamorphoses.

1999 - Ecru New York Products

The birth of ECRU New York, a boutique collection of designer haircare made with the finest skincare ingredients. Carmen coined the term "COSMETICHAIRCARE."

2000 - Professional cleaning body

The Acedemie of Aesthetics and Wellness, a precedent setting venue for higher learning in the business and practice of aesthetics and healing is formed.

2001 - Books

In the years that follow ECRU New York and Avance become award winning companies, accumulating dozens of accolades in both marketing and design.

2006 - Skin Makeup Powder Tray

Beauty Addicts, "beauty made simple" an exclusive cosmetics collection based on the moods of women not the colors of a season.

2007 - New York Streets Products

New York Streets is launched! It's a brand for a culture that does not follow trends but inspires them influencing the fashions of tomorrow.

2008 - Cures Products

Avance is re-branded and CURES is introduced. A collection of skin and body care products that are curative and corrective. Focusing on skin conditions, not skin types.

2009 - Lakme Products

DePasquale is the sole U.S. importer of LAKMÉ, a 100% sustainable hair color and hair care line based out of Barcelona. Lakme combines Mediterranean values and nature’s finest ingredients to create a superior and complete hair color and care system.

2010 - New look for DePasquale Kids

DePasquale The Spa's children's salon takes on a fresh new look called DePasquale Kids.

2010 - New York Streets Products

The Village Collection an extension of finishing products are added to New York Streets.

2011 - Little Green Products

Little Green is sprouted. A collection of safe, gentle and pure products. Delicate ingredients specifically chosen to nourish and protect children’s sensitive skin.

2012 - RICA Products

DePasquale is the U.S. importer of RICA, a natural wax derived from plants, fruits and vegetables.

2013 - ECRU New York Products

ECRU New York introduces the Acacia Protein Collection. The results will ASTOUND YOU! A treatment collection infused with Acacia CollagenTM designed to repair damaged, stressed hair.

2013 - Little Green's Lice Guard System Products

Little Green's Lice Guard System is launched. Non-toxic products that are clinically tested to help prevent head lice.

2016 - ECRU New York Curl Products

Curl Perfect enhances and perfects naturally wavy, curly or coily hair. The results, Naturally Glorious Curls.

2017 - ECRU New York TEXTURE Collection

ECRU New York brings you the tools to transform hair into a visual work of art with the TEXTURE Collection

2017 - ECRU New York Lipsticks Products

ECRU New York Beauty is an effortlessly, iconic collection of color cosmetics.

2018 - Professional doing hair styling

ECRU New York Academy delivers superior education to stylists and make-up artists all over the world.

2020 - ECRU New York

Experience the Evolution
with ECRU New York.

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